We are Super Love, an IT company based in Chengdu, China. Our goal is to combine art with education to help students enjoy studying. In China, almost every student starts to study English from middle school, but learning English in order to pass the exam can be stressful. That's why we have designed an app students can use to recite English words and never feel bored. You can find our app 百词斩 in the Apple App Store or view it in the iTunes for more information.

We now have millions of Chinese students and young people using our app to learn English.


Besides making apps, we also publish English vocabulary books. Students can use both our app and our book to learn English, which make it more convenient for them. From our research and feedback from our users, we found that reading typographic words is a very efficient and interesting way for students to learn vocabulary. This is why we have published a typographic vocabulary book which contains 5,000 English words. We have now sold thousands of books.

To push this idea even further, we want to make another English book which contains more English words and looks even more exciting, fun and, colourful. On January 1st, 2014, we launched a project to make this book. Now we are searching for creative and talented designers all over the world whose names and designs will feature in the book. Our goal is to publish this book before March 31st. Below are some examples of the designs we are looking for:


NGO 1KG More is a China NGO which is helping Chinese students from poor rural areas to get educational materials, such as books. We will offer free books to this NGO after the book is published, so underprivileged students from rural areas can also enjoy fun of learning English.



All candidates can work at home. If you are interested in this job, please send your brief introduction and portfolio to Sunny Ren (sunny.baicizhan@gmail.com). If your style suits our project, we'll reply you within three days. A test URL will be sent to you for you to log in, to read our style guide and see five sample words waiting for you to design. After you design these five sample words and upload them to our website for our art director to review and decide upon. You will receive 30 dollars for each design that is chosen to feature in the book.